Interleague Play

Baseball is currently in the 10th year of interleague play, and the question is always asked is interleague play getting old? Living in New York and growing up a Yankees fan, the Subway Series is always treated as an event, but is that event becoming just another game? The Yankees and Mets play each other six times every year now it seems as though the original novelty is gone.  The excitement of interleague play may not be the level it was ten years ago when interleague began, but major interleague rivally matchups such as White Sox-Cubs, Yankees-Mets, Angels-Dodgers, and A’s-Giants still fills the parks and creates excitement in the area. However, are the fans of the teams that do not have a rival in the opposite league growing sick of seeing the two teams matchup?

My opinion on this issue is a very mixed one.  On one hand I am tired of seeing the Yankees and Mets battle each other every year.  Interleague play took some of the excitement of the Subway World Series in 2000. On the other hand however, these rivally matchups fill the seats and as a future in the business of baseball, making money is the main priority for the organization and selling tickets and the national exposure of the series increase the profits of the teams.

So it depends on the person looking at interleague play. The fan may be growing tired of the same matchups, but the organization looks foward to the sell-outs and increase in profits.

Where are you on this issue?


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  1. Reid

    I think that when Interleague play started, many of the teams were under the impression that they would be playing the same teams for 2 years – let me explain. The Yankees (and every other team in the AL East) would play the NL East for two years. Then, every AL East team would play every NL Central team for two years, and so on. In six years you start all over. This has the advantage of allowing the fans to see every team in their park, and keeps the scheduling fair. It obviously wouldn’t be fair if the Red Sox got matched up against the Marlins and Pirates while we (Yankees) got the Mets and Cardinals. This is eliminated when you make sure every team plays the same teams.

    However, MLB has kept trying to cram this rivalry stuff down our throats, and that’s created the current situation, and problem. Did I go to last nights Tigers-Reds game because it was a rivalry? It’s not even a rivalry, it’s one that MLB created out of thin air. But there’s no doubt that interleague play increases attendance. However, I personally think we should go back to the originally proposed 2-year rotation plan.


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