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Record! What Record?

Barry Bonds hit his 714th homerun of his career yesterday and the majority of the media is saying he "tied Babe Ruth’s record of 714 homeruns." Now, for as long as I have known the career homerun record belonged to Hank Aaron with 755 homeruns, over 40 more big flies than Babe Ruth. I know Babe Ruth is a baseball icon, but give Hank Aaron his credit, he owns the career homerun record, Babe Ruth is simply second. Bonds likes to say passing Babe Ruth is more important to him than passing Aaron, who owns the record. Why is this you ask? Bonds explains it is because Ruth was a left-hander, like himself. Barry, we aren’t that naive. With your past comments, we know the reason you consider passing Ruth is more important than Aaron is because of the racial issue. I believe I can speak for many baseball fans when I say I don’t care what ethnicity you are, or if you are white or black and have a record. If you are talented enough to reach milestones then what does it matter what color skin you have? Being talented enough is a different issue when talking about Bonds, however. His steroid allegations have tainted his career and every record in that long career.

So, media, why not give the man who really owns the record the respect he deserves. Would the media be celebrating if two teams tied for second place? What if two players tied for second in batting average for a season? Why celebrate tying second place? In a sport with as many extra innings to determine a winner, the media is celebrating a tie, of second place nonetheless.